Success Stories

Check out some of our success stories and what our clients think about us

“How would I describe Taidy? On the technological level, they know even the smallest detail of the state of the art, on the economic level, every penny invested in them has an immediate return, on the personal level, the best companions for any data adventure.”

- Alejandro Rodriguez
Product CTO


FOXid is a solution that combines the scalability of automated verification processes with the experience and knowledge of recognized experts in the field of document copying. The only global identity document verification solution that ensures maximum security in more than 150 countries with a reliability of 99.99%

MLOps applied to product

FOXid uses state-of-the-art deep learning models to power its self-verification services. For this, it has a multidisciplinary team and numerous R&D agreements with universities and high-level professionals in the field.

Taidy Cloud acts as a provider specialized in the productivization of Machine Learning models, helping its Data Scientists to automate the learning processes and putting the algorithms into production.

During our collaboration we have used the latest trends in MLOps to productivize several algorithms with cloud technologies that currently perform real-time predictions at a high level of scalability and are continually updated with new data.

“The Taidy team has been involved in our project as one more, they are part of our ecosystem and contribute fundamental value to the project. The technological developments made have helped bring our idea to life and their continued support for our resident team allows us to grow and create our own talent base.”

- Miguel Ángel Ayuso
Founder & CEO


BD4BS is a new service provider in the photovoltaic industry. They use the potential of Big Data analytics in IoT to optimize O&M so that power generation is maximized. This results in an increase in production that translates into higher profits.

Creation of a modern data platform for Industry 4.0

BD4BS is building an end-to-end data platform, starting with data collection from proprietary devices to powerful cloud data storage.

This helps collect massive data sets that later feed predictive algorithms and dashboards that assist operators and shareholders.

Taidy has allowed BD4BS to design and develop its own cloud and IoT platform. We take care of helping in monitoring and expanding the number of devices and data that are transferred to the cloud in real time. Together we have created a modern, profitable and fully Serverless Big Data platform that incorporates and analyzes hundreds of thousands of variables per minute.

“ForwardKeys’ Data Analytics and IT teams joined forces with Taidy to disrupt our previous ecosystem of data availability and usage. Moving to the cloud with Taidy meant opening the door to more business opportunities. What has set them apart from other competitors is their ability to understand each unique use case and then adapting everything  to our needs. The whole process was easier than expected.”

- Chris van Zwynsvoorde
Co-Founder & CTO

Forward Keys

The global benchmark for business intelligence, tourism and travel trends. Forward Keys collects real-time travel data to share the latest trends and insights to help companies invest and make decisions.

Strategic adoption of cloud technologies

The Forward Keys data platform collects vast amounts of data from your suppliers and transforms it into valuable information for your customers. The process is powered by sophisticated ETLs, models, and end-user applications. Behind this is a group of engineers and data scientists who strive every day to ensure that quality and scalability are built into the process.

We have partnered with them to accompany them in their adoption of the cloud, and we have shared our experience with AWS Serverless technologies.

During our collaboration we have tried to get the most out of your data lake by creating new predictive and data delivery services through the use of agile and Serverless structures, thus shortening the time to market and offering independence to data scientists allowing them to manage their own infrastructure and software life cycle.