Benefits of embracing the serverless cloud for your data

  • Transform your capital expenditure into operational costs. Scale up your infrastructure costs according to your data needs and not the opposite.
  • Accelerate your time to market. Cut the waiting time to be available and embrace the best agile experience available at the moment.
  • Experiment and repeat. Test and gather information to ensure that you optimize the impact of the innovation.

How we apply this principles at Taidy

Industry 4.0. Connected Sensors

The Internet of Things is cloud native. We manage fleets of smart devices and create real time ingestion and monitoring systems. We extend the range of the cloud to the edge, with the agile development of prototype SBC-powered smart boards with Machine Learning capabilities.

Data Science at Scale

We run many large scale data pipelines everyday. From the creation of an affordable Data Lake using cloud technologies, to running ETLs and analytics on the most powerful Big Data tools. No matter the scale of your data, the modern data architectures will help to grow your bussines with a data centric perspective, nourish your analytics team and help you move away from costly and complex infrastructure and software management.

Productionizing Machine Learning

Turning algorithms into effective business decisions is difficult. Many Machine Learning models do not reach a production stage due to many technological barriers. Automation is the key to success and we are experts in making that happen. We deliver automation to the modeling, learning and inference stages and integrate your data scientists work into your data architecture.

Giving Purpose to Data

The key to become data driven is turning your data into reporting and insights. However, the most difficult part is deliver it effectively to your organisation and customers. Modern visualizations and User Experience are they key to engage with everyone. We create state of the art visualization application at scale by connecting Big Data to end-user devices, turning data into product.


Internet of Things and Machine Learning at the edge

Data storage, ETL and analytics at massive scale

Data augmentation and Artificial Intelligence

Progressive web applications and reactive visualizations