We are Taidy

Digital transformation is the next economic engine, we create agile technology to accelerate its adoption by industry. We believe in transparent, active colaboration and have a customer centric strategy, we work with people in mind and not overcomplicated technological systems.

We are scientists, developers and enterpreneurs. We love technology and are in constant motion as it is our current ecosystem. We adopt new technologies every day and are active collaborators to open source projects. We learn and teach in this global community that has been created around data.

Our beloved technological stack

Data Science

We speak your data science language, Python, R, you name it. We integrate the common and cutting edge tools.

Big Data

From yellow elephants to the most recent framework, we run production clusters in your Big Data tool of choice.

Machine and Deep Learning

Our favourite projects involve working with the most popular frameworks. We are veterans in applying computer vision and NLP to business.

Cloud Platforms

We love the cloud. We look forward to tinker with our favourite provider next announcement. We can help starting with the cloud or polishing the most complex details of your architecture.


Agile means getting quickly to market. Serverless is its technological counterpart and the bright future of IT. We have embraced it and will help your company to follow this path.

Progressive Applications

We are fullstack developers. We develop PWAs in the most popular reactive frameworks and integrate them with powerfull data management and visualizations.