Cloud native, Data driven Development

The modern approach for digital transformation

Customized Solutions
Data Driven Culture

We guide you along the entire journey of the cultural change in your sector. Data is a universal language, prevent technology from creating barriers

Data Belongs in the Cloud
Cloud Native Development

Focus on what really matters, turn technology into added value and not cost. Discover a new way of understanding the cloud

We deliver end-to-end solutions

Data Collection

From IoT Devices, Databases or Data Warehouses . Ingest your data in real time with maximum scalability

Data Governance

Build a complete and integrated data architecture. Give visibility to the data in your organisation and empower your talent

Analytics & Intelligence

Automate your algorithms and unleash the full potential of your data with production ready analytics and AI

Return of Investment

Get the most of your data with the right insight at the right time, intuitive visualizations and smart apps

Our verticals

Industry 4.0

We help highly specialised areas such as energy, manufacturing or automotive to achieve their digital transformation goals. Machine learning on the edge, smart sensors capable of processing video, audio and all kinds of signals. Fleet optimization and preventive maintenance. All powered by cloud IoT platforms and real-time Big Data technologies


We promote great ideas by eliminating technological barriers and the talent gap. Fintech, Edutech o Legaltech, we are part in the digital transformation. Agile methodologies, flexibility and culture of innovation, we share the same DNA. We support various companies in knowledge transfer, product design and strategic consulting

Digital Business

Digital native businesses generate a large amount of data that can become a great added value to their core business.E-commerce, online education and all kinds of products benefit from the correct use of the data. Data extraction and management, deployment of cloud architectures, implementation of Business Intelligence tools. Product improvement with Machine Learning: recommendation engines, sales prediction algorithms or voice interfaces


We collaborate with multiple business schools and universities in education plans in Data Science, Cloud Computing and Big Data. We love to learn and we love to teach. Continuous training, attendance at conferences and participation in meetups and webinars. We are active in our community and that makes us grow

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